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Top 10 Divorce Rates By State

Divorce rate by state



Do you wonder how your state is holding up compared to others when it comes to couples, who file for divorce?

If so, a recent Huffington Post article shedding light on how all 50 states in the US stack up will be of interest. According to the data, the top 10 states by divorce rate range from 11 divorces per 1,000 population to 14 per 1,000.





Starting from most divorce prone to least, here’s the breakdown.

1. Alaska 14/1,000

2. Alabama 13/1,000

3. Arkansas 13/1,000

4. Kentucky 13/1,000

5. Oklahoma 13/1,000

6. Nevada 12/1,000

7. Maine 11/1,000

8. Georgia 11/1,000

9. Tennessee 11/1,000

10.Mississippi 11/1,000

Alaska’s filing fee was one of the lowest in the nation at $150 and had a minimum total processing time of around 30 days. As a result, it’s also the friendliest state in the union when it comes to do it yourself divorce.

States like Mississippi were able to keep filing fees even lower at just $52, but the smaller price tag comes at a price of a 240-day processing time, which can prove to be problematic for cases of uncontested divorce, as in the longer a dispute continues, the more likely conflicts can arise between spouses looking for a dissolution to their marriage.

Perhaps the most difficult state to get a divorce is Arkansas, which clocked in with an “ease of filing score” of 20 percent. (And with good reason.) The Natural State has a divorce filing fee of $165 and a 540-day minimum total processing time.

Of course, in every case, going the DIY divorce route will speed things along significantly, but if you’re going that route, make sure any issues that exist between you and your spouse can be worked out in mediation. The more lawyers are involved, the more the overall cost of the divorce will spike.

Here’s the full report if you’d like to know where your state ranked.

Do you think it should be easier or more difficult to apply for a divorce?

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