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Divorced Men, More Likely To Live Alone

Since the 1970′s, a larger number of men, ages 15 to 64, have become the heads of single-person households. In other words, they’re living alone, and according to new US Census data, divorce is the likely culprit.

To support their claims, the Census Bureau points to an 11 percent increase in

Top 10 Divorce Rates By State



Do you wonder how your state is holding up compared to others when it comes to couples, who file for divorce?

If so, a recent Huffington Post article shedding light on how all 50 states in the US stack up will be of interest. According to the data, the top 10

Divorce Mediation: What You Should Expect

Ending your marriage by a do it yourself divorce doesn’t necessarily mean you part ways without conflict. It simply means that you’ve found another way of handling the conflict that doesn’t require costly attorney’s fees or bitter disputes and hostilities that can go on for years.

If you do feel conflict

Why Separation Can Be A Terrible Idea

As a do-it-yourself divorce service, we often see individuals consider separation prior to filing because they feel that with time apart, dissolution may be avoidable. However, more often than not, the marriage ends anyway and the separation causes additional turmoil that can add years to the recovery process. While nothing