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Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

While last week we took a very serious look at the ramifications of divorce and the ravaging effects it has on the family unit; this week we decided to take a different spin and take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity divorces in history. Compared to the divorces we’ll discuss below; a DIY uncontested online divorce would be bargain at half the price. We can only speculate what the Demi and Ashton final tally may be and where it may rank along with some of the items below. And while we are proud that we offer inexpensive divorces online; here we present a collection of the Most Notably Expensive Divorces.

Starting the list and maybe a startling low sum given some of the later entries is Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Mills was awarded 48.6 million dollars-a fraction of McCartney’s real worth. While the couple were married close to 6 years and do have a child between them the Judge of the case was apparently none too fond of Mill’s or perhaps simply a huge fan of McCartney. At the ruling the Justice was on record as saying “I am driven to the conclusion that much of her evidence, both written and oral, was not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid.” After getting off easy on what some speculated could have been in the $100 Million category-Maybe Hes Amazed at how easily he got off by comparison.

Next we see the divorce of Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva. Long married and having dated since their college days- the two had 3 children and a 16 year marriage before calling it quits towards their California divorce in 1994. Silva may have been the luckiest woman on the planet for the Buy Low Sell High principle- while married Costner made Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, & JFK; after the split he made Waterworld, The Postman, and a slew of other failures. Even in the world of high end high dollar divorce-Timing is everthing.

Coming in next on the list is Han Solo/Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford and ex Melissa Mathison. After 18 years of marriage and enough Star Wars and Indiana Jones money to buy Greece; Ford decided to seek greener, younger pastures. Mathison came out of the divorce sitting pretty having cashed out to the tune of $85 million-not to mention a share of future earnings from the movies he made while they were married. No word on whether or not her divorce lawyer has yet been contacted by professional athletes to represent them on their next contract.

$100 million dollars later all the while continuing the Indiana Jones theme… Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving. Even though they had signed a prenuptial agreement Irving was able to convince the court that she wasn’t properly represented legally for the signing. While being known as one of the all time highest grossing filmmakers its a mystery as to why Spielberg didn’t simply ring up and ask Harrison Ford’s for the number of his wife’s divorce attorney.

Add another $100 million dollars for the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorce. While most men cannot fathom the idea of needing to cheat when married to a Super Model; Woods overactive use of his putter cost him plenty. His career has yet to recover and he has yet to regain his form which made him a household name and arguably the biggest superstar and phenomena that the gold world has ever seen.

And moving right along we see our next musician to make the list with Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy. Diamond who wrote “I’m a Believer” for the Monkees in the 60s and then struck gold on his own with too many hits to count throughout the 70s and 80s. The pair divorced and settled amicably for a paltry $150 million with Diamond on record as saying Murphy “earned every penny” and that “she’s been through thick and thin with [him] and deserves half of [his] fortune.” We’re pretty sure Spielberg and Ford were quite as complimentary to their exes.

Coming in with a slam dunk we see our first Athlete of the list with the $168 million dollar divorce of Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy Jordan. The couple filed for divorce in 2002 but reconciled-probably at the insistence of Jordan’s accountant. In 2006 they filed again for good with Juanita walking with the multimillion dollar 7 acre estate and $168 million-that will buy a lot of Nikes.

And trumping all in the mother of all divorce settlements comes Rupert and Anna Murdoch which saw the Gazillion dollar Aussie Mogul cough up a stunning 1.7 billion in assets for their 1999 divorce settlement. Murdoch married his much younger employee Wendi Deng only 17 days later. I can venture a guess that when Deng decides to divorce Murdoch she will use the previous 1.7 billion settlement and raise the price accordingly.


Common Sense Tips to Make Divorce Amicable

It’s no secret that the divorce process is typically a painful process for all parties involved-throw in experienced attorneys who often times financially benefit the longer the proceedings drag out and the litany of items to argue about such as child custody, alimony, and child support payments and you’ve got a recipe for emotional and financial disaster.

Even the court room setting itself makes for an uncomfortable setting and if asked in your minds eye to picture a typical court room the first thought one envisions is rarely something positive much less familial. As a matter of fact-given the number of times the court room is used to do legal battle and the myriad of terms that hints some type of war the setting itself lends itself to brutality and an overall lack of civility. Online Divorce has probably been so appealing.

Sometimes there is no way around the courtroom option but given the high profile, celebrity divorces routinely given the TMZ and National Enquirer treatment, more and more couples are looking to make the split amicably and on friendly terms. Thus websites like are experiencing record popularity.

The Huffington Post of all places, published some advice for divorcing couple who can objectively realize the many negatives involved in a traditional divorce settle and choose to take the kindler, gentler approach to divorce which makes perfect sense given the resurgence of Do it Yourself Divorce.

The first offering not only makes sense is probably the danger zone item at which all divorce proceedings fall apart and ugliness ensues. In Essence it says do not argue the largest, most contentious items first- instead opting and choosing to work on settling smaller more agreeable items; thus laying the groundwork for give and take and generally setting a congenial tone for future discussion points. Divorce information and sage wisdom finally meet.

The next common problem is not surprising when the issue of financial arrangements rears its ugly head. Once again as this item is typically a point where things get heated; its best left for later discussion and if the issue is forced-try to keep the numbers in a range instead of absolutes. Remember-each parent will still be the parents-so taking dad to the cleaners may not be the best idea given that the kids will be spending at least a portion of their time with him. “Sorry Kids, Would love to take you Miniature Golfing but I can’t afford it this weekend….what flavor Cup of Noodles do you want for Dinner tonight?” Remember-the treasure reaped from the divorce process still has balance and that balance will still have an effect on the children….your children.

Finally the article talks about never issuing an Ultimatum. “My Way or the Highway” is rarely an idealism that has been embraced by all. Generally the ultimatum only brings contempt and make the opposing party more inclined to dig the heals and not budge at all. The old saying of drawing more flies with honey then vinegar is very apropos and this Divorce Information is well timed and informative.

There are so many good reasons to avoid the courtroom, and the attorneys office when it comes to divorce. certainly wont make a riveting Television Show or movie, but it can bring an aura of stability and com co-operation in one of life most challenging and difficult periods.

The Male Perspective of Divorce

Divorce can be ugly and it doesn’t take Freud to unveil the facts. A married couple who at one point had the assumption that as life partners they would grow old together decide to go separate ways, there is resentment, hatred and a fury of mixed emotions which makes “irreconcilable differences” seem far too gentle of phrase. While there have been plenty of articles, blogs, websites, and LifeTime Network movies made for divorced women focused on handling depression and other negative effects of divorce; Hardly any attention gets shined on men’s reactions to divorce. examines the issue.

As of 2008 there was an estimate that close to 40% of marriages ended in divorce. The stats for second marriages are even less impressive. And while we are led to believe that most men are at fault for divorce for not showing enough affection at best and abuse at worst-no one disputes that divorce is hard on everyone. Most men can ponder what will happen in terms of child support and custody laws but once the ruling is made, most men can begrudgingly accepts it.

In general, men are defined by more than just their status in a marriage. A lifelong bachelor with a successful career never gets castigated of question yet an older woman in similar circumstances gets branded a spinster. A man who doesn’t want children isn’t looked at it in the same light as woman. A man can get judged by his job, his car, his hobbies and ironically men are effected more by employment status then marital status. If a man can pay the child support and have more time to golf-he probably isn’t going to think the divorce process a bad decision.

In stark contrast; men do not suffer the depression women do and tend to be far more impacted by employment status. Yet post divorce studies show an amazing statistic in that a woman’s standard of living drops by 73% while the man’s standard of living increases by 42%. It’s going to get a whole lot better soon. Probably a good thing that most men do not know this stat as I am sure many men on the marital fence would probably have visited yesterday. But once again; the pull of providing for spouse and children is a powerful and compelling reason to stay and given that men typically won’t research divorce law or child support laws there tends to be a blind eye cast to the subtle nuance of divorce law.

Lets examine it-a man gets divorced. Now what? He still has his job, friends, business associates and a social support system that he probably lamented not being able to spend more time with. Since Time and Memorium men have been raised to be the Hunters, Breadwinners, builders, police and fireman rolled into one; knowing the ins and outs of Divorce Law take a backseat to the needs of the family.

Studies show that men suffer disproportionate health effects on a far higher scale for employment factors then marital factors while the stats for woman are quite the opposite. The facts are no one looks eagerly towards divorce and very few men endure the divorce process unscathed. It is however time to admit that emotional factors and baggage due to divorce isn’t always solely reserved for women.

File For Divorce Online; An Idea Whose Time has Come


Back in the day, the idea of divorcing your spouse was a challenge and invariably lead to rumors or innuendos that one spouse must have committed some grounds of divorce as as unspeakable, unsavory or sordid act like committing adultery, spousal abuse or emotional abuse and utilize these as leverage on the assumption they would serve as ammo or the necessary needed proof that your spouse had acted improperly and thus be granted a divorce. Think about that-two adults who wished to make the split almost being forced to attack the other simply to earn the right of being freed of matrimony.

Fortunately, those days are behind us divorcing your spouse is much easier. Most couples can simply divorce sans courthouse using the downloadable divorce kit without the stigma and horror of having you and your family forced to ride the roller coaster of divorce court and the possibility of children having to listen to mom and dads lawyers making each of their parents out to be horrible people. With the theatrics and working knowledge of the courts and the divorce process some lawyers are very adept at stretching a court case out far longer then it other wise would need to be.

If there are children involved-avoiding the courtroom altogether is the best decision possible as it considers the feelings of children and avoids the high probability of humiliation and trauma of sitting and listening hearing about mom or dads worse personal traits paraded through the court.
All states nowadays allow for “no fault”, “no contest”, or uncontested divorce which essentially means that both spouses can agree on the terms of a divorce and amicably work out their own settlement. Considered in this process is the sorting out of assets and loans, cars and houses, child custody, alimony etc etc.

With the notion of a long term courtship or knowing your soul mate after 10 minutes becoming far less frequent- we have seen a distinct rise in couples who are either getting married far too young or simply getting married after a very short time after meeting. As much as we smirk and snicker at the idea of a downloadable divorce kit; A “no contest’” divorce also has the benefit in that a couple can simply decide to split without having to give a reason.

And without question in almost all instances an uncontested divorce kit will surely avoid attorneys, lawyers, and court rooms which also equates to a “no contest” divorce being far more cost effective. Basically seeing both spouses work out the details by themselves to the benefit off all parties involved in an adult, rational decision.

Physical Custody Issues with DIY Divorce

Physical custody section is made up of several activities and events all having do with the actual time lines in which each parent takes and acts as sole guardian of their children at a prearranged, predetermined date as agreed upon by the spouses.

MyDivorceDocuments; Divorce and Obesity

As anyone who has ever gone through a bitter Divorce and the divorce process can attest to its about as difficult of experience that anyone can go through.

Online Divorce Forms; Rational, Affordable

No one has ever compared divorce to a day at the park. And though divorce is still common and doesnt carry shame it still can leave emotional baggage that a failure of marriage is also and poor indictment of ones character. Regardless if its a California online divorce or a Texas divorce you will be in for some changes.

Amicable Online Divorce Forms-the Unfriending of an Unhappy Marriage

We live in a brilliant new era where so many of life complicated processes can be streamlined and made into a much easier process then at any other time in history. Going to the back to deposit checks or get money used to mean going inside or going through the drive thru teller and sending the metal capsule through a vacuum tube back and forth to complete a transaction. Today-we simply walk up to the ATM or log in at home on our laptop or tablet. The process of divorce is no different. While it used to mean setting up an appointment with a lawyer and dealing with mounds of legal paperwork; today a no fault amicable divorce can be handled quickly and easily using simple online divorce form downloads.

Online Divorce Forms; Take the Good with the Bad in Divorce

When couples make the decision to get married very few probably ever thought that their decision to spend their lifetime together in matrimonial bliss would turn into horribly wrong and not only result in you fighting like cats and dogs, but at one point the romance not only ended in heart ache but also resulted in the partnership having devastating effect financially.

Online Divorce Form Downloads; The Best of a Bad Situation


Lets assume that you and your spouse have decided that it is in the the best interest of all parties that divorce is the best option. You and your spouse aren’t angry at each and the decision to start the divorce process has actually brought relief and ironically enough, more understanding of each other as the process of divorce means that there will finally be some closure. The question then is-do you need lawyers? Do you need to take the same route for divorce that squabbling couples need when they finally decide to call it quits? Is the process of divorce the same for those at each other’s throats over those who simply have decided it is time to move forward

Surely when we think of divorce the first images we think of are heated arguments, perhaps a tawdry, lurid specter in infidelity, and other nefarious images none of which tend to give a positive image for either party involved. Often times there is plenty of truth behind the notion and we have all known couples who bicker over seemingly every trivial notion be it the toilet seat, the amount of cream in the coffee, or the salt content in the tuna casserole. In fact-incompatibility issues in conjunction with the adage of familiarity bringing contempt this is no surprise that some relationships sink to this level. As one of the premiere sources for online divorce forms we understand very well how these things progress.

However, for every knock down, drag out, big hollywood style divorce there are some divorces that simply accept the fact and move forward without malice and anger. There are some marriages where both parties can simply realize the marriage and relationship are no longer working in a complimentary fashion. It is for these type of cases that are known as “uncontested divorce” or “no fault divorce” that can streamline and simply what most consider to be an expensive and complicated process. And at the heart is the question, if both parties can simply agree to how to divide assets and agree on the terms-is there really a need to fight about it in court?

Online Divorce Forms can be a saver of time and costs as being able to quickly find and accessaffordable divorce form downloads can mean the process can be started quickly free ofexpensive lawyers or legal red tapethat have made celebrity divorce headlines for decades. Being able to avert the costs of high paid attorneys and being on the same page with your soon to be ex-souse; means more of the assets accumulated during the marriage can be distributed to their fullest extent. There is no hard and fast number to dictate how many assets are utilized during the traditional divorce process but it is no stretch to think thousands of dollars will be spent at the end of day at the very least.

We are very pleased to offer MyDivorceDocuments as a sensible solution for those couple looking for affordle options for divorce. Our instant attorney authored divorce form downloads contain everything you need to get started in the divorce process and custom tailored to be legally binding in all 50 US states. What can be better?